First car rides

Choosing our newborn’s safety seat.

One must-have item in the baby shower check-list is no doubt the child restraint system for the car, which will be needed to leave the hospital if we are driving back home.

A baby will never be more fragile than on those first days of life, so it is essential to choose the most suitable first safety seat.

At present, seats approved under two regulations can be bought: ECER44/04, which classifies the devices into groups of weight, or the most recent ECE R129 (i-Size), which classifies the seats depending on the baby’s height. Both of them are completely valid in Europe and will still be for many years ahead.

For a newborn, we recommend two types of child restraint system(CRS): baby car seats and fixed car seats.

Baby car seats, the portable option.

The purchase of the baby car seat often depends on the choice of one particular baby stroller. Baby car seats, also known as group 0+, are only rearward-facing and suitable from birth up to 12-15 months.

One of its main advantages is that they can be easily fitted in and out of the car without waking up the baby, as well as adjusted to acompatible stroller frame.

Groups 0+ can usually be installed with an Isofix base or directly withthe three-point belt (without the base).

In any case we would like to remind that the carrycot is the best option for strolls during the first months.

Fixed car seat.

The most common option is to purchase separately a stroller + a carrycot and a car seat that remains fixed in the vehicle rather than a removable baby car seat.

The advantage of these seats is that they only have to be installed once and are often suitable from birth up to four years.

They are installed with Isofix and anchor leg. The new regulation ECER129 (i-Size) allows rear facing (the safest way to travel) from 40 cm to 105 cm of height or 18 kg of weight (whatever comes first). Turning360°, it can optionally be forward-facing from 76 cm and 15 months of age to 105 cm or 18 kg. Moreover, turning the seat 90°, we will beable to place and buckle up the child more easily from the open cardoor.

This i-Size seat is compatible with standard car seats such as i-Size. If you do not have i-Size seats, you must check its compatibility in thelist offered by the brand.